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Nexus Studios

Duality of Life was the result of a competitive open call led by me alongside Branwen Lorrigan of Brighton & Hove City Council and Alan Boldon of the University of Brighton.

The work is situated in the Huxley building on the University of Brighton’s Moulsecomb campus and the work was funded from money set aside by the developers of the building for public artwork.

The Huxley Building is home to the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences and the open call asked for that to be reflected in proposals.

Duality of life is a two-screen work in which, on one screen, a new life form is born and following organic precedents, evolves over the course of the month. The creature’s evolution can be affected by the ambient environmental factors in the building, by interactions with passers-by and on social media.

This was the second public digital art project that I led alongside Brighton & Hove City Council, the first, an interactive sound installation is situated at the Open Market in Brighton.

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