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Digital Culture Conference 2017-2019

As Director of Brighton Digital Festival, I developed and curated the Messy Edge, the Festival's in-house conference, designed to challenge the dominant narratives around digital technology and culture by inviting artists, activists and thinkers from outside of the usual white male perspectives that are over-represented in the conversation. As such, the conference was radically at odds with the usual digital culture conference offer.


It was a pleasure to be part of Messy Edge. It's a lovely vibe and I really like your ethos. I especially notice and appreciate the work you have put into diversifying the voices represented, crucially without publicly patting yourself on the back for it and tokenising everyone in the process!

Congratulations for another outstanding conference. It’s truly my favourite conference. It takes diversity seriously & provokes our understandings & mid understandings of (digital) society & culture. Truly the cutting edge of the #messyedge

Thanks to Laurence Hill and the speakers, for yesterday's The Messy Edge conference. I'm awake early hours of the morning with a head full of the diverse, complex, engaging, challenging and currently, very relevant ideas presented. 

#messyedge literally confounded my expectations. Well done Laurence Hill

for an excellently curated set of speakers. I like it when my reality tunnel is perturbed.


Photographs by Idil Bozkurt (2017) | Jo Thorne (2018) | Leonardo Lami (2019)

Tabita Rezaire
Tonya Nelson
Catherine Allen
Rhiannon Armstrong
Judith Ricketts
2018 panel discussion
Carmen Weisskopf
Emillie de Keulenaar
2019 panel discussion
Akeelah Bertram
Usman Haque
Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke
Dolly Sen
2018 panel discussion
Abira Hussein
Romy Gad el Rab
Irene Fubara-Manuel
Emma Frankland
Dr Sharon Webb
Nye Thompson
Wesley Goatley
Professor Caroline Bassett
Florence Okoye
Bill Thompson
Maya Indira Ganesh & Nishant Shah
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